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Corporate & Community Partners

Give funds, donate food, and raise awareness.

Provide corporate support to Mend Hunger: you’ll demonstrate your commitment to (m)ending hunger throughout Illinois. Businesses from every sector choose Mend Hunger as a charitable partner because we make an immediate and lasting impact for people struggling with hunger and food allergies or celiac disease.

Our corporate partners are integral to our mission of providing access to safe & trustworthy foods free from the top 8 allergens and gluten through local food pantries. Through food donations, grants, and financial support, in- kind donations and event sponsorship, our partners provide crucial support.

Corporations, companies, and foundations of all sizes provide donations and grants that enable us to grow programs, strengthen our local network, and so much more.

We understand the importance your brand puts on corporate and social responsibility, and your partnership with Mend Hunger can enhance it. Mend Hunger is efficient and effective and will steward your gift well. We will help articulate your corporate social responsibility goals by offering a comprehensive partnership that will impact your community, engage your employees and boost your brand in ways that are meaningful to you.


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