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6 Ways to Make a Difference

Perhaps you have been thinking about ways that you can reach out and make a difference, but it just seems tough to figure out the best way to make an impact. We've come up with a list of six things you could do this holiday season to give back and make an impact.

1) Every dollar counts

Donate what you can. Whether its $10,000, $1,000 or $1, each donation can mean the difference between a family having a safe meal or snack on the table or going hungry.

2) Host a Mend Hunger Gluten-Free/Allergy Safe Food Drive

At your office, school, religious institution, after-school event--anywhere you can drum up some safe foods!

3) Get One & Give One

Purchase one extra allergy safe/gluten free food item during your next trip to the grocery store and donate it to help fill the Mend Hunger pantry shelves.

4) Spread the Word

Mend Hunger is growing every day, in large part thanks to your efforts! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, share our posts, tell your friends and family about how they can get involved.

5) Pay It Forward

Reach out to the gluten-free/food allergy/Celiac community and tell them about the service we provide. It is so important to make sure those in need know they have a resource to help them through their difficult time.

6) Shop Our Partner Businesses

Mend Hunger would not be able to provide this service without the generous support of our partner businesses. Show some love for these philanthropic businesses by shopping their products and sharing the love on social media! A purchase of one of their products is a purchase supporting a family in need. You can find more information about our sponsor businesses by visiting their websites through the 'Our Partners' page at

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