Mend Hunger provides allergy-safe meal provisions to ease the 65 hours of hunger that many children face each weekend.


Approximately 22 million children from low-income families receive free or reduced-price school lunches, ensuring adequate nutrition during school hours (which can include breakfast as well as lunch). However, some children find food less available at home. For many students of low-income families, free school lunches and breakfasts may be the only regular meals they eat. Between Friday and Monday, children may miss some or all meals. Lack of reliable access to regular meals is known as food insecurity. Children experiencing hunger due to inadequate nutrition may suffer from impaired concentration and learning, social and behavioral problems, and even threatened health and development.


Mend Hunger understands that many students receiving bags are tasked with preparing meals independently, often without access to all kitchen appliances, and for this reason provide allergen safe, individually lableled, non perishable, single serving, easy to prepare foods. Each bag includes two breakfasts, four entrees, and five snacks. Bags contain an array of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. The bag contents are informed by USDA nutrition guidelines, and are reviewed by our registered dietician. The sleek and slender design allows students the opportunity to discretely slip them in their school bags before they head home.

Pictured Above: 4 red allergy-safe hunger relief bags.
Each bag is filled with food for one-weekend.
Bags are distributed directly in-school.

With the generous support of people like you, we are leading a movement to mend the gaps in our nation’s broken emergency food system. Together we can take urgent action to make allergy safe weekend meals available to children. A $25 gift will sponsor one bag. A $100 gift will sponsor a food-allergic child for one month!

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