Our nation's emergency food system has failed to meet the needs of all people. We mend the gaps in the emergency food system through four distinct programs that provide hunger relief to households with a restricted diet.

We see dignity in tearing down the barriers to access. Food insecurity reaches beyond those who live below the poverty line and for that reason, we do not require financial statements from applicants. We also acknowledge that access to medical care is limited for many Americans and as a result, we do not require a prescription or physician's letter.

While some of the nation's largest hunger relief agencies have politicised the notion of serving with dignity, we ask -- have they truly done so? 1 in 6 households with Celiac Disease are experiencing food insecurity but, until Mend Hunger, no help had been available on a national level.

Mend Hunger provides access to safe food both in times of personal emergency and natural or man-made disaster. Those that are without consistent access to enough safe food receive ongoing monthly food support. And, children who participate in the reduced-fare or no-cost school lunch program are able to receive a weekend backpack filled with enough safe foods to carry them through the weekend.

We serve households in need with dignity by providing them with the safe foods they need.

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